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My Name is Nicole, I live in California. Livermore to be exact. Small town, not sure y'all have heard of it. I have black hair, dark brown eyes, and I'm 5'4" Short, yes I know o.O

I'm in High School right now, 9th grade. Ick, wish I was in 12th. All this studying is getting to me. Hehe. favorite bands are (Get ready, there's a lot, lol) Default, Nickelback, Vertical Horizon, Creed, Staind, Linkin Park, Sevendust, Puddle Of Mudd, LifeHouse, Hoobastank, Dave Matthews Band, and The Calling. Those are in no particular order;)

I love to write poems, read, draw (Now I'm sounding like a nerd, lol) play volleyball, tennis, sing, dance, make graphics, and duh, of course dollies.

That's all you guys need to know, for now:)

Some pictures... 'Cause I just know y'all wanna see my ugly mug;)