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Base Bodies from:

Josie's Dolls


Veriria's Palace

Miniature Reality



All About Dollz
Alt.Spelling Avs
Amethyst Dream
Ami's Doll House
Among the Stars
Angel Sisters Dollz
Angy Chan's Dollhouse
Animate My World
Antique Dolls
Artic Star Dolls
Av Squad
Awestruck Dolls
Beach Ratz
Bitter Babe
Blossom Dolls
blue bubblegum
Blue Moon Dollz
Bobbi's Dolls
Bond Chick
Brina's Dollhouse
The Bronze
Bunny's Doll Haven
Butterfly Dreams
The Butterfly Lair
By Whimsey
Camilla Nimue's Dollz
Celestial Dreamz
Cheri's Dollz
Cherry City
Contagious Laughter
Crazy Cat Dollz
Crazy Cherriez Graphix
Crystal's Dollz
Crystal Dreams
Cynical Girl
Danica's Dollz
Danielle Den
Danzing Dollies
Dazzling Dollz
Deb's Dollz
Demented Kitten
Design Junky's Dollhouse
Destined To Be Together
Diamond Dollz
Dibble Avenue
Diva Goddess Realm
Dollie Domain
Dollis Minimus
Dolli World
The Doll Place
Doll World
Dolls By Sara
Dolls in the Mist
Dolls Paradise
Dolly Heaven
The Dollz Dynasty
The Dollz House
Dollz Mania
Dollz Of Flavor
The Dollz Realm
Douce Rosée
Dragonz and Dollz
DS Dollz
Dumplings and RedT
Elvish Hobbitette
Enchanted Dynasty
E'Z Dollz
Fab Dollz N Stuff
Faith's Little Masterpieces
Fairy Dollz
Fantasy Eclipse
Flipped Creations
Forest Faerie Cartoon Dolls
Forever Ryah
Freek Show Dollz
Glamour Dollz
[glitter bug]
Goonalicious DollZz
Gorpauriels DollWorld
Guðrun's Cartoon Dollz
Hayley's Dolls
Head First Productions
Hnh Collective
Hollies Dollies
The House of K'Vitlyr
Ice Phantasies
Icicle Dreams
.:.Icy Sparkles.:.
Infinity Dolls
In My Wildest Dreams
In Sequin
Ivy's Doll Center
Jaime's Dolls
Jam and Honey Dolls
JayCee's Dollz
Jewels Dollies
// Josie's Dollz \\
Kath's Dollies
Katy's Original Dolls
KellyErin's Dollz
Krazie Dollz
Lacey's Dollz
Lady Shanae's Realm
Left Of Center
Leslie's Dolls
Lil Pigs Dollz
Lil'Princess Dollz
Madams Minis
Mandi's Realm
Mandra's Dolls
Marie's Dolls
Marilyn's Dolls
Melissa's Dollies
Mick's Picture Pages
~*Midnite Princess*~
Minature Reality
Miseryhood's Dollz
Mistic Unicorn
Modern Enigma
Monique's Haven
Mon's Dolls
Moonies Doll Realm
Moulin Rouge
Mystic Designs
Mystic's Dolls Obsession
Mystical Illusions
Mystic Wunderz
Of Cabbages and Kings
Originz Of Dollz
Over the Moon Dolls
Perspective Dollz
Pez's Dollz
Pink Passion
Pip Squeeks
Pixel by Pixel Productions
Pixel Palace
Pixel Punks
Pixie Dreams
Porcelain Dreams
The Power Of Dreams
Princess By Dawn
Purple Pixels
Quick Pick Dollz
Rachael's Dollz
Rachel's Dolls
The Raven's Nest
Rell's Place
Rhinestone Goddess
Secret Playground Dolls
Serene's Small Ones
Shade of Dollz
Shelly's Dollhouse
Sherio's Dollz
Silhouette Dollz
Silver Lining Dolls
Silly Janine
Simply Loz
Some Assembly Required
Soulshadow Designs
Spaz's Dollz
Speak Friend and Enter
Speedys Dollzhouse
The Spirit Room
StarbucksFaerie's Dolls
Starburst Dolls
Starlight Dreams
StellaBella's Place
StrangeFish's Dollz
The Sugarplum Suite
Surreal Perfection
Sweet Water Realm
Tangy Gumdrops
Tenshi Dollz
Thea's Dolls
Tiaz Dollz
Tiger's Lair
Tiny Sweethearts
Toes On The Nose
Trinity's Tinies
Tudor Doll Company
Tuva's Dolls
Vanilla's Dolls
Veriria's Palace
Virtual Crest
Wild Fantasia
Wings Of My Spirit
Wizard Dolls
:: x a n d o r r a s :: p l a c e :: original cartoon dolls
Yanette's Dollz
Zoe's Dollz